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Add a link on your Website

Adding a link to your NorfolkPlaces listing from your website will encourage more great reviews for your business, and also help visitors to find the wonderful reviews that you have already received. It also helps us to continue to promote everything that is great about Norfolk!

Below are a few badges and buttons that we’ve created for you which you can use to direct customers to your listing. To add one of these to your website simply save the the image  There is some sample code towards the bottom if you’re not to sure how to create the link on your website..

Standard Members Badge
To be used by members who have a Standard listing


Premium Members Badge
To be used by users who have one or more premium listings (excluding events.)


Love NorfolkPlaces Badge
For anyone to use to show your love of NorfolkPlaces!


Assorted buttons
We’ll be adding a few more of these soon!

findussquare1     review-us-square

Our Logo
If you wish to create a link to our logo please right-click on the image below and save. The NorfolkPlaces logo is a very distinct quality image and the presence of our logo on your website is a great endorsement.

Example code
The example code below can be used for any of the images.

If you want to link to your listing then replace “” with the URL for your NorfolkPlaces place listing. Don’t forget to change “” to where you have stored the image on your website.

Text Link to NorfolkPlaces
If you don’t have space for an image link perhaps you can add a text link.

You might want to link to your listing:-

Don’t forget to replace replace “” with the URL for your NorfolkPlaces place listing.

Or you could link to the NorfolkPlaces website.