Norwich Rotaract Club re-launches

We’ve been in touch with Kieran John, the founder of the new Norwich Rotaract Club and asked him to explain why he’s bringing Rotoract back to Norwich.
Kieran says: “I was personally motivated to re-establish the Norwich Rotaract Club due to a recent experience volunteering in India and Nepal with Rotary International. I traveled to these countries with a group of Rotarian’s of all ages and of all nationalities. What brought this group of individuals together was a joint sense of purpose to give something back. When I returned home to Norwich I became motivated to ‘do my bit’ to address the needs of my local and international community. I therefore wanted to re-establish the Norwich Rotaract Club. 
Rotoract will be a club for 18-30 year old’s in Norwich who want to network with other professionals, meet new people and to help the community. I am hoping to create a club with a mix of UEA students and young professionals. As a result this club will give the students great links to local business and provide the young professionals with opportunities to put their skills to good use. Additionally, I hope this club will ‘do its bit’ for the local community, by volunteering our time and financially supporting local charities.”
We’re very pleased to be able to help promote Norwich Rotoract Club through NorfolkPlaces and our strong social media presence.

If you’re interested in getting involved the club has the following methods of contact:
Facebook:Rotaract Club of Norwich
LinkedIn:Norwich Rotaract Club

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