Norfolk’s Own Cook Book – released 18th June 2015

Norfolk’s Own Cook Book is now available to buy and we’re pretty excited about it! Why? Well, it’s no secret that at NorfolkPlaces we love our home county of Norfolk, but we’re also big food fans too! Well, more the eating than the cooking, but I’ve been known to dabble in the kitchen too.

Norfolk is known for its stunning beauty, gorgeous coastlines, picturesque settlements and rich history. We’re also very fortunate to have such a wonderful food and drink industry too. From local producers to high quality eating establishments, it’s fair to say we’re spoilt for choice. As a county that oozes quality and beauty, if Norfolk lends it’s name to something then that thing must be a thing of beauty too. (Jeez, I was starting to sound like Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs for a moment!).

And the Norfolk Cookbook embodies the quality of the county; It looks stunning from the outside and within. A great deal of love and care has gone in to the making of this bookand the authors and contributors should be rightly very proud. To make something so special is one thing. But to make something and use it to improve the lives of others, well that’s something else.

Meet the Authors
Mary Kemp: Food Writer and Demonstrator
Melinda Raker: Patron of Marie Curie Norfolk, farmer, charity fundraiser
Vanessa Scott: Owner of Strattons Hotel, Swaffham, Mid-Norfolk


The charity – Marie Curie
Marie Curie is the UK’s leading charity for people with any terminal illness. The charity helps people living with a terminal illness and their families make the most of the time they have together by delivering expert hands-on care, emotional support, research and guidance.
Marie Curie employs more than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals, and with its nine hospices around the UK, is the largest provider of hospice beds outside the NHS.
For more information visit

Thanks to the subscriptions of the contributors and the generosity of the many sponsors, all the production costs are covered and every penny of the £20 retail cost will go to Marie Curie and thus every single book sold will fund the equivalent of one hour of nursing care and support for those who wish to spend their last few months, weeks or days at home. Given the choice, wouldn’t that be the preference for us all? So here is a chance to help provide that care: supporting Marie Curie in Norfolk is just a piece of cake.

Marie Curie Nurse 2

The book
Norfolk is a bounteous county with an incredible array of crops, eateries and artisan creators. Bring together three women who are involved with the food community and passionate about promoting the wealth of produce of their home county, add a wish to support a worthwhile charity and it doesn’t take too long to work out that a cookery book might be on the cards, on the bookshelves and gracing coffee tables.

Authors Mary Kemp, Melinda Raker and Vanessa Scott have not compromised in the production of this excellent book, which will raise not just funds but also the profile of the wonderful work of Marie Curie, providing care and support for people living with a terminal illness and their families. With 192 full colour pages, this hardback gem has been designed by Niki Medlik, recent Head of Jacket Design at Thames and Hudson, edited by Mari Roberts who has worked with Rick Stein, Raymond Blanc and Gordon Ramsay, and the stunning photography is by Keiron Tovell.

The best makers, bakers and growers from across the Norfolk acres have come together to support this venture with funds, enthusiasm and a wealth of skills. Top chefs, including Galton Blackiston, Chris Coubrough, Richard Hughes and Roger Hickman, share the recipe platform with the Lord Bishop of Norwich, Anthony Gormley, Stella Rimington, 13 year old Mermaid Sandelson (a recent outstanding winner of a baking competition), and 103 year old Alice Syzling who was in service for many years and is a wonderful home baker.


A slice of NorfolkPlaces!
Ok, you had me at cake. Someone did say there’d be cake, right?

Of course, with the slightest possibility of pudding the selective hearing of my boys is well and truly engaged, and they’ve siddled up to me in a “Wotcha doin’?” kind of way.  After explaining that we’re helping to promote the wonderful Norfolk Cookbook they both ask if they can interview the chefs “just like on mastermind. We’ll call it masterchef,” chirps Luke.

Hearty guffaws ensue for a few minutes and they steady themselves to pop some questions, which Vanessa Scott has kindly humoured them with answers below. In the words of Dangermouse’s sidekick, Penfold: “Oh, Crumbs!”

Luke’s Q1 – If you had to cook dinner for the Norwich City football team the night before a match, what would you cook?

Before a match the indulgent Tomato, Fig & Tomato Tart from Cornerway’s Nurseries with Rosemary and Potato Soda Bread from Heygate’s Farms, finished off with the moist Raspberry Bakewell by Danny Smith of Ingham Swan

Luke’s Q2 – How many cooks are too many to spoil a broth?

I love cooking with like-minded people. There would never be too many of these! I cannot work with people who say I don’t eat that, or that or that – I cannot bear fussy cooks.

Ben’s Q1 – What’s a broth?

Broths are chopped vegetables, meat, and bone, slowly simmered to extract as much flavor as possible, seasoned to taste

Ben’s Q2 – Dad lets me lick the bowl after making pudding – what’s the tastiest pudding you’ve ever made where you just had to lick the bowl completely clean?

The mixing bowl from a fruit cheesecake would always be my favourite!

Some thought-provoking questions from Luke and Ben! I managed to sneak in a question of my own too.

Mark’s Q1 –  What’s your favourite recipe from the book?

Mark’s Q2 – Where can I buy the book?

Jarrolds, The Book Hive, and the Assembly House, Norwich, Ceres Bookshop, Swaffham, Gurneys, Burnham Market, The Royal Norfolk Show 1-2 July and from the website

I think I can answer for all of us that we do not have a single favourite amongst the entries because they are all stonking examples of really lovely, achievable and utterly delicious recipes using great Norfolk ingredients. Must have ingredients-local honey, fruit & veg from the garden, fresh eggs from my own hens, rapeseed oil, herbs! 

The final word
We’ll leave the final word on the Norfolk Cookbook to Norfolk’s most famous cook; Celebrity TV Chef and owner of Norwich City FC, Delia Smith.

Everyone should own a copy of this very beautiful cookery book, and know that each time they cook and serve one of the excellent recipes therein they are giving support to the vital care that Marie Curie provides for the people of Norfolk – Delia Smith

CAKES; Alfred Pearce; Carrot & Pineapple Cake 8 CORDIALS; Grey Seal Coffee; Coffee Cocktails 3

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