My Dashboard Guide

Your Dashboard is your control panel for managing all of your content on NorfolkPlaces.

We’ve compiled this handy guide to explain all of the available features of your dashboard.

How to get to your dashboard?
Sign in to NorfolkPlaces either from “My Dashboard” on NorfolkPlaces homepage, or clicking “Sign in” in the top right corner, which redirects you to a sign in page.

Once you are signed in click on your username in the top right corner and this will take you to your dashboard, which will look a bit like this (below).

My dashboard

1 – Your Updates and Messages
In this section of the dashboard we’ll display recent feature developments and other updates, including latest offers.

2 – My Dashboard controller
There are three dropdowns on the “My Dashboard” controller.

Add Listing – Click on this to choose the type of listing you require and this will then bring up the appropriate submission form.

My Favourites – If you have favourited any listing you will be able to easily access them. Your favourites are organised based on listing types (place, events etc). Click the dropdown & choose the listing type to see your favourites.

My Listings – Your dashboard is defaulted to show “Place” listings. Click this dropdown to choose to view another type of listing.

3 – Dashboard display
The listing type selected in the “My Listings dropdown (3rd dropdown on My Dashboard) will be displayed in the main body of your dashboard.

At the top there is a dropdown to choose how you view the page. The default view is a grid of 3 listings across. The alternatives are view as a list, or grids of 2,3,4, or 5 across (note: a maximum of 9 listings will be displayed per page.)

Note: For events there will be an additional dropdown at the top of this section enabling you to view upcoming (default) events, all events (upcoming and past), today’s events, and past events

For each listing you will see:-

  • Main image (click to view listing)
  • Title (click to view listing)
  • Description (only appears on list view and grid 2)
  • Time and date (events only)
  • Review rating
  • Your “favourite” indicator (red heart if you have favourited it)
  • Pinpoint link (only in use on listing pages where a map is present)
  • Option to “upgrade listing” if relevant
  • Edit link
  • Delete link
  • Listing expiry date & number of days remaining
  • Status (Published or not published)

4 – Submit articles
One of the perks of being a member of NorfolkPlaces is the opportunity to submit articles to us to consider including in our editorial sections. We welcome press releases and updates, and general interest articles (e.g. “A day in the life of a Wildlife Warden”, “Successful Sunny Sunshine Music Festival”
We reserve the right to decline to include an article if we feel it is not right for audience.

5 – Resources
Handy links to guides and other pages that will help you manage your content.