Lord’s, Ladys – Minibus presentation extra pics

This article follows on from our recent article Lord’s, Ladys, The Bill, Kids and a Minibus.

Wherever we go we like to take loads of pictures, and it’s always a fun (yet lengthy) process going through and picking out the best pictures for an article. However, for the aforementioned article we didn’t necessarily use all of the best pictures because our main purpose for attending was to take photos specifically for the Lord’s Taverners press release.

We knew it would be unwise to use the pictures submitted with the press release in our article, but we still had other good (and different) photos which we could use. Of course, we made sure our article was very different to the press release too. After all, we were there so it would be silly to just post the press release and not add our unique commentary about the occasion.

The press release was submitted along with four pictures to the local press. A few weeks on and the article has never appeared on the newspaper website, but the press release did make it to the paper a week after the presentation. One of our photos was used in the newspaper article, however, we were very disappointed to find out that the newspaper did not give us credit for using our picture.

We’ve had some great feedback from the Lord’s Taverners, Lady Taverners and special guest, actor Graham Cole, regarding our article. So, we’re pretty pleased we were able to help them out on this occasion.

As these pictures didn’t reach their intended audience we wanted our readers to see them, especially as they feature the delightful Graham Cole!


Graham Cole presents the key  

This is the uncredited picture that appeared in the paper. Our initial reaction was “It’s just not cricket!”


Fred Nicholson pupils with the minibus


Graham Cole cuts the cake


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